The one-year CMBA Programs truly offers a world-class education in a world-class city. We welcome your interest and look forward to receiving your application.

CMBA Programs are one year full-time degree programs. Students enter the program with a group (called a cohort). All students in a given cohort take the same courses at the same time throughout the program. The academic plan for each cohort is constructed by the CMBA Office.

Each cohort follows one of four academic tracks:  Strategic and International Business Management (SIM), Financial Markets and Asset Management (FMAM), Commodities, Exchanges and Derivatives (CED),  Healthcare Management (HM) or Business Analytics (BA).

The relatively shorter time frame of this program is achieved by making the program somewhat more intensive than the traditional full-time MBA programs and by reducing the amount of breaks between semesters.

The SIM, FMAM, CED, HM and BA focuses are tracked and scheduled independent of the university calendar to allow students to complete the program within 12 calendar months. Each start date has its own academic focus.

Areas of focusCurriculum& InstructionMathematical ability demand
Strategic and International Business Management
The program seeks to foster an understanding of international business practices and culture together with knowledge of the core functional areas of business and to allow students to develop their judgment and ability in applying this knowledge in a global business environment.
Financial Markets and Asset Management
The Programs with a focus in Financial Markets and Asset Management is designed to further careers of financial professionals by enhancing their understanding of financial markets, asset management, and the operation of financial institutions in the dynamic global economy. *Basic mathematical and statistical skills required
Commodities, Exchanges and Derivatives
Chicago is the origination and global center of the commodities, exchanges and financial derivatives. In addition to these institutions, many large multinational securities and futures firms have offices in the city. This environment provides students with many opportunities to interact with leading experts in the industry and to become acquainted with the most advanced technology in the field.*Basic mathematical and statistical skills required
Management of Healthcare
The curriculum is designed to further the careers of healthcare professionals by encouraging the development of contemporary management skills and cultural awareness necessary to deliver innovative health care services in the twenty-first century.
Business Analytics
The BA program will provide you with a holistic approach to the field and develop expertise in data management, machine learning and predictive analytics, along with a strong business foundation. The program curriculum emphasizes industry experience, exposure and collaboration across a variety of analytics projects.*Basic mathematical and statistical skills required