One-Year MBA — Business Analytics (BA)

Modern business challenges demand leaders with the analytical skills to identify opportunities and the leadership skills to implement data-driven strategies that make an impact. The Business Analytics (BA) track equips students with the business knowledge and analytics skills required for evidence-based and data-driven decisions to achieve efficient business operation, superior organizational performance, and effective management in industry. The cutting-edge curriculum seamlessly integrates core courses in functional areas of business with advanced courses in data visualization, statistical modeling, data mining, and analytics strategies and practices.

The BA track provides several benefits:

  • Location—Chicago is a global hub for entrepreneurship, innovation, and leading technologies
  • Top scholars with a strong research profile in business analytics
  • Career opportunities and development in business analytics

In the BA track, students…

  • learn about business operations and corporate strategies
  • acquire knowledge about technology and industrial production
  • gain practical skills in database management, programming, and statistical analysis
  • gain exposure to frontier analytical approaches, such as big data techniques and machine learning


The BA track including 7 core courses, 2 industry exposure courses and 7 BA-track courses:

  • Programing for Data science in Business
  • Business Database Technology
  • Statistics for Business
  • Business Data Visualization
  • Data Mining for Business
  • Analytics for Big Data
  • Advanced Text Analytics for Business
  • Chicago Industry
  • American Culture
  • Microeconomics and Business Decision
  • Organizational Behavior

Broader Career Opportunities

Usually, BA graduates advance their careers as business analysts in various industries. Here are some of the career options available after MBA in Business Analytics:

  • Data Analyst/Scientist
  • Program and Marketing Manager
  • Market research Analyst
  • Management Analyst/Consultant
  • Big Data Analytics