Core Courses

The core courses consist of the seven required courses for the program that cover essential knowledge in the business disciplines. Following are brief descriptions of each course:

Introduction to Financial Accounting. Financial accounting: Concepts and principles of financial accounting for preparation and evaluation of external reports and financial statements.


Microeconomics for Business Decision. Efficient allocation of resources by consumers, profit and non-profit firms and government, regulation of industry, monopoly and imperfect competition, business ethics and the marketplace, efficiency vs. equity, social welfare.


Introduction to Corporate Finance. Theory of corporate finance: goal of the firm, time value of money, investment decisions (under certainty and uncertainty), net present value, capital markets, and corporate financing decisions.


Introduction to operations management. The management of operations for the production and delivery of goods and services. Topics include the management of projects, production, supply chain, inventory, and quality.
Organizational Behavior. The organization as a social system. Topics include leadership, interpersonal effectiveness, group behavior, managing change, conflict management, motivation and behavior, and interpersonal communications.


Introduction to Marketing. Client/consumer behavior and the way institutions respond to such behavior through planning, promotion, and distribution of goods and services.


Enterprise Strategy. A capstone course for MBA students which provides frameworks and decision tools to integrate prior course work in a set of analytic and problem solving efforts to address the strategies and enterprise level challenges of firms.


MBA Required courses – 26 credits:

ACTG 500 Introduction to financial accounting (4)
ECON 520 Microeconomics (4)
FIN 500 Introduction to corporate finance (4)
IDS 532 Introduction to operations management (4)
MGMT 541 Organizational behavior (4)
MKTG 500 Introduction to marketing (4)
MBA 570 Enterprise strategy (2)