Chicago Special Dishes

Deep Dish Pizza

The Americans in Chicago only took pizza as a snack at that time, but the star had a whim that pizza could also be a meal if it is combined with an Italian recipe, meat, cheese, vegetable and spice. At that point, Deep Dish Pizza came out and the history of pizza in The United States has since been rewritten. Although lots of restaurants have tried to imitate the thick pizza of “UNO Pizzeria&Grill”, they are adamant that no one can completely replicate the traditional delicacy which belongs to UNO. UNO is the most original and authentic deep dish pizza shop in Chicago, which originated in 1943. You are not here to eat the freshest, but to eat the most old-time flavor.

Lou Malnati’s Pizza (which is strongly recommended by locals)

Lou Malnati opened his first shop in 1971 and there are nearly 40 shops so far. It is not difficult to imagine him as an Italian American. Interestingly, the first shop was opened in the ghetto, while the opening day was on March 17th, it was also a festival for the Irish. Lou Malnati is a hospitable person, you can see that on his plentiful pizza. He was a helper of his dad in a pizza shop. After he grew up, he ignored the opposition from his dad and ran his first pizza shop in the countryside. He successfully won a good reputation of the best deep dish pizza. The pizza seems easy to make, but it is all about his persistence. After several years, he handed this shop over to his son and now it still maintains the tradition of an Italian family in Chicago.

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Chicago Style Hot Dogs

Red Hot Chicago is a characteristic hot dog that originated in Chicago, The USA. They put beef hot dog with mustard, chopped onions, pickled melon sauce, dill pickle, tomatoes, pepper and celery salt inside the bread. Because there are many kinds of ingredients inside the hot dog bun so, it described as “dragging across the garden.” There are also several ways to cook, such as boiling, steaming and grilling. There is no ketchup inside the traditional Chicago-style hot dog cause most of the Chicagoans and hot dog lovers think it is unable to put ketchup inside.

Portillo’s Hot Dog

Portillo’s Hot Dog was founded in 1963, from a small vendor to a chain store. Operating in a diverse way and the owner set up different types of restaurants across The United States. For example: The Italian restaurant Luigi House or a brunch restaurant Honey-Jam Cafe.

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Garrett Popcorn

It was found in Chicago in 1949. It is one of the most traditional snacks. There are more than 10 stores in Chicago, most of which are located nearby Magnificent Mile.

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